Quarantine On Arrival


The UK Government has announced that people entering the Country from overseas will need to quarantine for a period of 14 days upon arrival in the UK, as of 08/06/2020. It is unclear at present how long this will be in effect, and if any countries will be exempt. For Guidance please refer to the UK Government boarder control information here and take time to understand what is required as far as entrance to the UK.


You must complete the public locator forms before you travel. You cannot submit the form until 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in the UK and you will need to show your completed form when you arriving at the UK border. Either print a copy, or showing it on your phone.


For Information on how to self-isolate on arrival please see the information here:


It is possible that pupils arriving in August or September will need to be quarantined and we are currently in communication with our schools to establish how this can be facilitated. The majority of the schools we are in partnership with plan to open the boarding houses 14-days before the start of term. It is generally expected that pupils will be quarantined at school, in a familiar environment, where we know they will be safe and secure. Other options available are to be hosted with one of our Host Families (subject to availability) or to arrive with family members early into the UK to facilitate this 14 day period.